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Automatic double clipper KOMPO SPRINT KN 501

Automatic double clipper KOMPO SPRINT KN 501


Automatic clipper KOMPO SPRINT KN-501 is intended for manufacturing sausage sticks in automatic mode using protein, polyamide, cellulose, fibrous casings. The clipper allows producing sausages within the range of diameters from 30 to 120 mm in the form of single sticks or chains, and circular sausages with thread or loop.


The scope of the clipper use is not limited to meat processing and extends to forming paste-like fillers into hose casing in dairy, fish, poultry and other fields (ice cream, processed cheese, curd mass, butter, mayonnaise, animal feed).



To ensure safe operation, the clipper is equipped with protective casings and sheatings that block operation when they are opened: tray protective casings, housing sheatings.


Two-hand start system is used to start the clipper, in which both hands of the worker are used when pressing the start buttons preventing the limbs from being pinched by the movable units.

The clipper is recommended for medium and large-scale enterprises since its performance reaches 120 clipping cycles per minute.


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  • Type:  
  • Type of clips: 
  • Casing caliber: 
    30 - 120 mm


The clipper is recommended for medium and large-scale enterprises since its performance reaches 120 clipping cycles per minute.



Model KN-501
Clipping cycle, second 0,5
Сasing caliber, mm
  • protein
  • polyamide


30 - 80
45 - 120

Casing types

polyamide, fibrous, cellulose, collagen

Clipping step 15, 18
Type of loops traversal 20/100
Output power, kW 3,0
Loop feed automatic
Date marking on clip
Version floor standing
Distance from floor to spindle axle, mm 975 - 1150
Air pressure, mPa 0,5 - 0,7
Air consumption per working cycle, liters 2,0
Dimensions, mm:



Net weight, kg 850
  • Polyamide casing
  • Fibrous casing
  • Cellulose casing
  • Collagen  casing



One operator works on the clipper, who simultaneously serves the sausage filler. One or more workers are additionally involved in hanging the formed sausage sticks on the smoking frames (depending on the worker’s performance and the selected clipping speed).


The clipper is aggregated directly with the filler or with the attached grinder VP-6000 and the filler; the operator fills the clip and loop, installs the cog of the required diameter, puts on the measured section of the casing on the cog. The casing end sensor is attached in the end of the casing. The braking unit is installed on the cog, which allows adjusting the degree of casing overflow.


The clipper operation parameters are selected on the control display:

  • Dosing method (from the filler, by flag, by time)
  • Clipping speed (1-10)
  • Transporter operation mode (continuous, pulse)
  • Operation with activated brake of the casing
  • Individual sticks or stick chain

  • Necessary delays and pauses are set.


Or the program is selected for a certain product stored in the clipper memory.


The end of the casing is threaded into the twisting unit, the first clip and loop are applied to the casing sleeve by pressing a button on the control panel. The operator adjusts the degree of clip clamping, adjusts the degree of the casing overflow and the clipper is ready for automatic operation; for which it is necessary just to press the button to start the operation in automatic mode.


In automatic mode, sausage meat is fed through the cog into the casing with the required overflow. After dosing the filler stops. The clipper jaws twist the casing with minced meat. Two clips are applied on the formed harness (on the end of the previous stick and the beginning of the next one). If necessary, a loop is fed in parallel under the clip at the end of the stick. After that, sticks are divided with the cutter. The jaws, matrix and punch return to their initial position, and the formed stick is fed onto the tray rollers and taken to the technological table. The process is repeated cyclically until the “stop” button is pressed.




The clipper is equipped with 7-inch touch screen LCD monitor. The size of the clickable menu icons is optimized for comfortable operation by the operator wearing rubber gloves. The menu interface is simple and intuitive. The control buttons have a high degree of moisture protection. The control panel is mounted in a convenient for the operator place.



Option of single-cog or turret feeder. Feeders of both types are equipped with the cog swinging mechanism to ease feeding of the casing. 


The use of a special "apple" type connecting unit makes it possible to simplify connection of the clipper with the filler, to level the tilt of the equipment on the floors, to avoid misalignment of the cog in relation to the twisting jaws which lead to casing tears and porosity in sausages.


If the turret feeder is used, the clipper performance is increased due to reduction of its downtime when filling the casing.


Casing active brake

The use of an active brake significantly reduces the likelihood of casing breakage. Option of adjusting the speed of rolling back and rolling on of the brake unit, and the value of brake rolling back for each type of the casing and product.



Possible variants to obtain a set dose of the product:

  • "By flag". Mechanical or optical flag is used. When filling minced meat into the casing, the beginning of a stick touches the flag or IR beam, the contact is opened and the filler stops delivering minced meat.
  • "From the filler". The dose size is set in the filler menu, after dispensing of which the filler stops and the stick is clipped.
  • "By time". The time during which the filler fills the casing with minced meat is set in the clipper menu. After this time, dosing stops and the stick is clipped.



The clipper allows for, without using a tool, by turning the adjusting handle, setting the size of the window of twisting jaws convergence and adjusting the twisting axis in relation to the cog axis.


Adjusting the size of the window of twisting jaws convergence allows choosing the optimal parameter at which the size of the window will be equal to the diameter of the casing harness twisted by the jaws, which will ensure complete extrusion of minced meat during formation of harness and, accordingly, purity of the sausage tails and will not lead to casing breakage.


Adjusting the position of the twisting axis in relation to the cog axis allows creating pretension of the casing harness on the matrix, which makes it easier to grip the harness with a clip, which means that clipping is of better quality.



3 options of trays are available:

  • Gravity tray. The sausage stick is moved onto the technological table under its own weight and the angle of the tray tilt. The tray is an “economy” option and is recommended during operation at low and medium clipping speeds.
  • Active single-tape tray. Sausage sticks are unloaded by rotating the belt conveyor. Provides high-quality removal of sticks from the clipping zone and allows working in all ranges the clipper capacity. Option of adjusting the speed of rotation of the conveyor belt allows selecting the optimal operating modes for all diameters and sizes of sticks.
  • Active double-tape tray. It is used for production of all types of products and especially for circular sausages.


Trays of all types are quick-detachable which ensure easy sanitary treatment and are easily adjusted according to height and distance from the twisting jaws.



The clipper is equipped with necessary sensors that ensure efficient operation and block operation when the set modes are exceeded:

  • Casing end sensor. The clipper stops automatically when the casing ends on the cog.
  • Clip end sensor. It stops work when a clip runs out on the reel. In the clipper menu, you can set the number of cycles that the clipper will make after the sensor is triggered, which minimizes the remains of unused clips.
  • Clip overpressure sensor. If there is an excessive load on the punch, the clipper will automatically stop without damaging the working tool.



Allows checking operability of the clipper units directly on the control display by input and output signals.



Function "Electronic handwheel" allows the clipper to be brought to the position of changing the working tool and sanitary treatment without manual rotation of the cam shaft, but only by pressing the buttons on the control panel. There is an opportunity to adjust the clipping process at a slow speed.


The clipper working units are dismantled and installed without disassembling the bearing part of the working unit. The cam shaft is removed and installed as an assembly, which reduces equipment downtime during repairs.


The clipper is equipped with a retractable electrical cabinet with inclined working panels which ensure simple and convenient maintenance and repair.


Alarm function about the need for maintenance - a reminder about the need for scheduled maintenance appears on the monitor.


  • clipping sausage chains, single sticks;
  • turn-back feeder for convenient filling of the casing;
  • control of excess pressure on a clip;
  • option of turret feeder installation;
  • adjustable position of the twisting axis in relation to the matrix;
  • electronic control panel with touch screen;
  • programmable controller;
  • design of the twisting and transport mechanisms ensures clean sausage tails;
  • possibility to adjust the size of clipping;
  • casing end and clip end sensors;
  • quick changeover from a clip pitch of 15 to 18 and the distance between clips from 30 to 36;
  • controlled casing brake;
  • selection of the required configuration when ordering.


We do not sell clipper KOMPO SPRINT KN-501 in Brazil (BR), Germany (DE), Spain (ES), Italy (IT), China (CN), Liechtenstein (LI), Poland (PL), USA (US) & Switzerland (CH)



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