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Semi-automatic double clipper KOMPO-PROFI KN-201

Semi-automatic double clipper KOMPO-PROFI KN-201


Semi-automatic clipper KOMPO PROFI KN-201 is designed for manufacturing sausage sticks using protein, polyamide, cellulose, fibrous casings. The clipper allows producing sausages within the range of calibers from 30 to 80 mm in the form of single sticks, chains, and circular sausages with thread or loop.


The design features of the casing twisting and clip application units of the clipper are designed specifically for efficient work with protein casings.


The scope of the clipper is not limited to meat processing and extends to the formation of paste-like fillers in sleeve sausage casings in the dairy, fish, poultry and other areas.



All moving units of the clipper are equipped with protective covers and guards; have sensors that block operation when they are opened.


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  • Type:  
  • Type of clips: 
    B, BP
  • Сasing caliber:                    
    30 - 80 mm


The clipper is recommended for small and medium-sized enterprises. The use of electronic control makes it possible to reduce the time for forming a sausage to 0,6 second.



Model KN-201
Clips application and automatic cutting after the
squeezing handle is in the bottom position
(no dampening), second




Casing caliber, mm
  • protein
  • polyamide


30 - 55

30 - 80

Casing types

polyamide, fibrous, cellulose, collagen

Clip type KOMPO В, ВР
Clamping mechanism manual
Clipping drive pneumatic
Cutting knife automatic
Loop feed automatic
Butcher's twine feeding system option
Netting feeding system option
Distance from floor to spindle axle, mm 950 - 1150
Power supply, V 220
Air pressure, mPa 0,6 - 0,7
Dimensions, mm:



Net weight, kg 140
Special  order of KN-201 clipper may be manufactured for any type of clips.
  • Polyamide casing
  • Fibrous casing
  • Cellulose casing
  • Collagen casing



One operator works on the clipper, who simultaneously serves the sausage filler. One or more workers are additionally involved in hanging the formed sausage sticks on the smoking frames (depending on the worker’s performance and the filler capacity).


The clipper is aggregated directly with the filler or with the attached grinder VP-6000 and then the filler. The operator fills the clip and loop, installs the cog of the required diameter, puts on the measured section of the casing on the cog. The braking unit is installed on the cog, which allows adjusting the degree of casing overflow. Necessary turn-back of the cog during clipping is selected.


The clipper operation parameters are selected on the control display:

  • Dosing method (from the filler, by flag, by time)
  • Individual sticks or stick chain
  • With loop delivery or without delivery
  • Settings of the pushing device
  • Settings of the cutter
  • Switching on of the brake rolling back
  • Necessary delays and pauses are set


The end of the casing is threaded into the twisting unit. By pressing the twisting drive handle, the operator applies the first clip and loop on the beginning of the casing hose and the clip on the beginning of the next stick, then monitors and adjusts the degree of clip clamping, adjusts the degree of the casing overfilling. The clipper is ready for operation.


After pressing the "Dosing" button, the filler automatically delivers the required dose of minced meat through the cog into the casing with the required overfilling density. The operator closes clipping manually. Two clips, and loop are applied and the sticks are cut with the cutter. The twisting is opened and in its upper position the filler received the command to give the next dose.




The clipper is equipped with 5-inch touch screen LCD monitor. The size of the clickable menu icons is optimized for comfortable operation by the operator wearing rubber gloves. The menu interface is simple and intuitive. The control buttons have a high degree of moisture protection. 



The use of a special "apple" type connecting unit makes it possible to simplify connection of the clipper with the filler, to level the tilt of the equipment on the floors, to avoid misalignment of the cog in relation to the twisting jaws which lead to casing tears and porosity in sausages.


Simplified adjustment of the position of the movable cog axle - for a minimum mechanical effect on the casing, the optimal position of the cog axle at the moment of clamping the casing with the jaws is as close as possible to the fixed jaws of the clipper. For each diameter of the casing horn filled with minced meat, the twisting center will change. The cog axle position for each diameter is adjusted by rearranging the fixing device in accordance with the required diameter on the scale. 


The assortment of cogs of different diameters: 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, rose-cog - 30 mm.



The use of an active brake significantly reduces the likelihood of casing breakage. The degree of the brake unit shift can be adjusted for each casing.



Possible variants to obtain a set dose of the product:

  • "By flag". Mechanical or optical flag is used. When filling minced meat into the casing, the beginning of a stick touches the flag or IR beam, the contact is opened and the filler stops delivering minced meat.
  • "From the filler". The dose size is set in the filler menu, after dispensing of which the filler stops and the stick is clipped.
  • "By time". The time during which the filler fills the casing with minced meat is set in the clipper menu. After this time, dosing stops and the stick is clipped.



The "Cog filling function" allows for quick filling the cog at the beginning of the operation and forming the last stick of the corrugated tube, not changing the clipper settings and not moving the dosing flag.



The function of adjustment of the jaws opening width allows limiting the width of jaws opening of the clipper during operation with small caliber casings to reduce amplitude of the twisting handle movement which reduces the load on the operator’s hand and, in general, labour intensity of the twisting process.


Adjustment of the length of the twisting drive handle allows changing the length of the twisting drive handle depending on the casing diameter used. When clamping large diameters, the handle is extended increasing the lever and reducing the tension of the operator’s hand; when processing small diameters, the handle is shortened reducing the amplitude of hand movement during twisting.


The clipper allows for regulating not only the clip clamping force and the clipping speed (the speed of the pusher movement), but also changing the speed of the pusher movement from the moment the clip starts to be clamped until the end of the process. This made it possible to increase productivity of the clipper, while retaining the possibility of careful clipping for protein casings, since before the impact on the clip begins, the pusher moves at maximum speed, and when it reaches the clip, the speed changes to the set one.


To ensure maximum purity of sausage tails, it is possible to adjust overhang of the inner jaws of the clipper for each type and diameter of the casing (thickness of the casing harness). Thus, it is possible to adjust the maximum squeezing of minced meat from the casing harness not damaging it.


Independent adjustment of the degree of clamping of each clip allows adjusting the degree of clamping (separately at the beginning of the stick and separately in the end of the stick) when a loop or a labeling tape is fed under it increasing thickness of the casing harness, which is especially critical when working with delicate casings.





The clipper is equipped with the advanced loop introduction system. The loop tape unwinding unit has been improved and more efficient loop feed into the clipping zone has been provided. The mechanism for removing the used tape (loop backing) has been simplified.





Three options of trays are available:

  • Gravity tray. The sausage stick is moved onto the technological table under its own weight and the angle of the tray tilt, moving down the polymeric rollers mounted in the tray.
  • Gravity tray for circular sausages. Tray with a wide base plane for full-fledged passage of circular sausages.
  • Gravity tray with optical sensor. The use of the optical sensor makes it possible to improve accuracy of response of the stick length sensor, increasing dosing accuracy and, accordingly, all sticks have the same length.


Trays of all types are quick-detachable which ensure easy sanitary treatment and are easily adjusted in all planes.



Allows checking operability of the clipper units directly on the control display by input and output signals without disassembly of sheatings and access to the units themselves.



  • electronic control makes it possible to simplify preparation of the clipper for operation, to increase its productivity and dosing accuracy;
  • electronic control panel with touch screen;
  • reduced twisting width, optimal trajectory of jaws convergence and a special profile of twisting jaws made it possible to achieve minimal breakage of the casing when formed into harness which increased efficiency of work with protein casings;
  • three versions of the tray (with optical sensor, with mechanical flag, for circular sausages);
  • possibility of unitization with a filler of any manufacturer;
  • improved loop delivery mechanism.
  • possibility of adjusting not only the clip clamping pressure, but also the speed of its folding while maintaining the maximum speed of the pushing devices movement before the start of crimping the formed harness of the casing;
  • adjustable clipping value;
  • adjustment of the stick tails cleanliness;
  • simplified adjustment of the movable cog axis position;
  • dosing of the stick to be filled by “time”, “flag” or “dosing filler”;
  • adjustable casing active brake;
  • length adjustable twisting control handle;
  • simplified mechanism for removing the used loop carrier tape.



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