Vacuum filler KOMPO MAXI 3000

Vacuum filler KOMPO MAXI 3000


Vacuum screw filler KOMPO MAXI 3000 is designed for stuffing and dosing minced meat of boiled, cooked smoked, semi-smoked, raw-smoked and dry sausages, frankfurters, small sausages and other paste-like masses. 



The filler consists of the housing (with servomotor, twin-screw pump with gearbox, electrical cabinet, minced meat collector of the vacuum system, agitator drive, vacuum pump) on which are mounted: hopper for minced meat collection (with active and reactive agitators), LCD control panel, knee switch and ladder for hopper cleaning.



The filler is equipped with blocking sensors:

  • when the hopper is retracted;
  • when the nozzle of the displacer body is removed;
  • when the ladder for servicing the hopper is unfolded.
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  • Hopper capacity:
    270 l
  • Output:
    16 500 kg/h
  • Increased dosing accuracy



The use of 13,2 kW servo motor on the filler main drive made it possible to obtain productivity up to 16500 kg/h in direct filling mode, and to significantly increase the dosing accuracy. Taking into account the performance, the filler is recommended for medium and large-scale enterprises.


The actual output when working with clippers depends on the operator’s activity (stopping to put the casing on the cog), the cog diameter, the diameter of the casing to be filled, the length of the sausage sticks, the clipper speed (clipping the casing filled, pulling the jaws, application of the clips, sticks cutting) and is:


  • on boiled sausage minced meat with 300 mm long stick, 80 mm casing diameter and working on the clipper with 0,5 second clipping cycle – minimum 3200 kg/h;
  • on cooked smoked sausage minced meat with 700 gr stick weight, 45 mm casing diameter and working on the clipper with 0,5 second clipping cycle – minimum 2000 kg/h. 






Agitator in hopper


Column loader FCV


Sausage linking device FPS


Inline grinding device VNB


Mincemeat temperature, °C


Output at nominal speed, kg/h

12000 - 16500

Inline grinder output, kg/h

up to 6500

Power supply, V


Dosage range adjustment, gr

10 - 99999

Hopper capacity, liters


Distance from floor to spindle axle, mm

1030 ± 25

Output power, kW

up to 20

Dimensions, mm:




Dimensions with column loader FCV, mm:




Dimensions with portioning machine FPS, mm:




Net weight with all options, kg

up to 1320



For production of frankfurters and small sausages, along with the filler, a linking device FPS or the frankfurter line is used where the filler performs the function of a pump for minced meat.

Sausage sticks are produced on the filler in the following ways:

  • Operation on direct filling – the corresponding cog is installed on the filler. A casing is put on the cog (hose casing, or prepared sections), the filler stuffs the casing and the operator manually forms a sausage stick by twisting it; knitting; application of clips using manual clippers KN-6R, KN-7R, pneumatic single clippers KN-3S, KN-4S, pneumatic double clippers KN-21M or formed on the small sausage tying machine.
  • Operation with pneumatic, semi-automatic and automatic clippers – the clipper (KN-22S, KN-23S, KN-24P, KN-26P, KN-201, KN-32, KN-501) is connected with the filler, casing is put on the clipper cog. The filler stuffs minced meat into the casing at the signal from the clipper. The clipper twists the casing filled, applies the clip, loop and cuts the formed stick. It is possible to adapt the filler for operation with a clipper of any manufacturer.

To improve quality of pattern on cut and under casing of structural sausages (cooked smoked, semi-cooked, raw-smoked, dry) it is advisable to use grinding device VNB and attached grinder VP-6000.






The filler is served by one operator. When using the filler with the twisting device or clipper, one operator is able to service both products, and additional workers will be required to suspend formed sausage sticks on the smoking frames.


The clipper, the twisting device or the cog for direct filling is connected to the filler. Minced meat is loaded into the hopper with a loader. The operator selects one of four operating modes in the control panel menu:


  • 1. Manual – 

    the dose is set by the time the knee switch is pressed. 
  • 2. Single – 

    the dose is set using settings on the control panel, and to deliver it, it is necessary briefly press the knee switch.
  • 3. Automatic – 

    mode for operation with the clippers. The dose is set in the settings and is delivered taking into account the configured pauses, upon a signal from the clipper.
  • 4. Twisting – 

    mode for operation with the twisting device FPS






Then the required parameters are set: dose size, filling speed, vacuum depth, turner speed. Minced meat under the action of vacuum created by the vacuum system and screws, when minced meat is pushed out, and under its own weight, is pulled into the working area, where it is picked up by the screws, partially vacuumized and moved to the unloading area, from where it is filled into the casing through the cog.



The filler MAXI is equipped with 270 l loading hopper. Active (spiral with a scraper) and reactive (spiral guide) agitators are mounted in the hopper. The task of the active agitator is to clean the lower part of the hopper from minced meat and to stabilize uniformity of minced meat supply to the screws. The task of the reactive agitator is to direct the flow of minced meat, pushed by the active agitator, into the receiving area of the screw.


Convenience of cleaning the hopper when switching to another type of product and during its sanitary treatment is provided by a folding ladder with three steps, thanks to which even a small operator gets full access to the hopper.



Two types of screws are included in the scope of supply: kneading and three-piece screws. Kneading screws are used when processing minced meat prone to increased pore formation. Three-piece screws are used for high dosing accuracy and productivity.


To increase the service life of the screws and the displacer housing in the modernized filler, a support grid is used which prevents contact between the displacer housing and the screws during operation of the filler.




The vacuum system of the filler serves to suck minced meat from the hopper into the screw pump, while additionally the air trapped in minced meat in the cutter is partially removed. The vacuum depth can be adjusted and is selected empirically by the operator for each type and fluidity of minced meat.


The required operating mode of the vacuum system can be chosen on the control panel:

  • Constant vacuum. The depth of vacuum is set and this parameter is constantly automatically maintained both during operation and during stops of the filler. When processing liquid minced meat in this mode, it is possible to suck minced meat in the minced meat collector when the filler stops, which reduces efficiency of the vacuum system.
  • Vacuum+. When processing liquid minced meat in this mode when the filler stops for the time longer than set in the filler menu, the vacuum channel in front of the minced meat collector is closed and the pressure in the minced meat collector is equalized with atmospheric pressure, which prevents the minced meat from being sucked. At the next start, first the vacuum of a given depth is created in the minced meat collector, and then the screws begin to rotate.


The diameters of filling tubes are available in 10, 19, 23, 29, 35 mm. These parameters are suitable for direct filling. If it is necessary to improve the pattern under the casing of cooked smoked, raw-smoked sausages, it is possible to use a crown tube with a diameter of 29 mm. The option of manufacturing filling tubes of other diameters is possible.


When processing minced meat of cooked sausages prone to pore formation, in order to obtain a decent result, it is necessary to use the minced meat cut-off limiter in the hopper. Its task is to increase the contact area of ​​the minced meat with the vacuum zone for greater air removal efficiency. The type of the cut-off limiter for each type of minced meat is selected based on experience.


One more way to eliminate pores is the use of minced meat dividers and stabilizers, which due to a sharp multiple change in the direction of minced meat flow, make air bubbles separate into smaller fractions that are invisible to the eye. There is a large assortment of minced meat dividers with different sizes of through holes (7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 mm) which allows, based on experience, selecting the required option in which there are no pores and voids in minced meat, and loss of the filler performance is minimal.



The filler is equipped with 7-inch touch screen LCD monitor. The size of the clickable menu icons is optimized for comfortable operation by the operator wearing rubber gloves. The menu interface is simple and intuitive. The filler can store up to 384 programs with parameters for each product. A protective screen is installed on the control monitor to protect it from external influences.





Column loader FCV is used for loading minced meat in the hopper.



To increase operator’s performance when working with a natural casing on direct filling or twisting device, it is possible to use natural casing threading device NO-1.


Assembly, disassembly, washing and storage of dismountable parts of the filler are carried out on a special technological trolley, where each part has its own place.



  • high-quality production of all types of sausages;
  • high degree of mincemeat vacuumization eliminating any porosity in all types of sausages;
  • function of back suction of minced meat which reduces the loss of minced meat when replacing the casing and more efficiently clip delicate casings;
  • first dose adjustment function;
  • preservation of quality of pattern under casing and on cut of structural sausages when VNB or VP-6000 is used;
  • compatibility with the clipper of any manufacturer;
  • higher durability of work elements due to the original design of the displacer screws;
  • efficient operation with liquid minced meat due to the use the “Vacuum+” mode;
  • programmable control system with graphical touch panel;
  • mounting of an additional pair of special screws allows processing of non-vacuumized minced meat;
  • all units in contact with minced meat are easily removable and available for processing;
  • built-in system that signals the need for the next maintenance;
  • universality, simple maintenance, reliability and low operating costs.


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