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Vacuum fillers KOMPO for the production of processed cheese

Vacuum fillers KOMPO for the production of processed cheese


Vacuum screw sausage fillers KOMPO OPTI 2000-02 and KOMPO MINI 1500-01 are designed for additional vacuuming of fat, liquid paste, mass for processed cheese, butter, soft dietary cottage cheese with the temperature range from +3°С to +60°С and stuffing various casings and containers with them. The patented design of the filling pump units allows obtaining a finished product characterized by solidity, dense consistency, without pores and voids. The filler design allows for heating hot water of the hopper and displacer housing.



The filler consists of the housing (with asynchronous electric motor with frequency converter, twin-screw pump with gearbox, electrical cabinet, minced meat collector of the vacuum system, linking device drive, vacuum pump), on which are mounted: hopper for minced meat collection, control panel, knee switch.



To ensure safe operating conditions, the filler is equipped with blocking sensors:

  • when the hopper is retracted
  • when the nozzle of the displacer housing is removed
  • when the ladder for servicing the hopper is unfolded (KOMPO-OPTI)
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processed cheese production

Output of processed cheese in a sausage casing is carried out on modified fillers KOMPO OPTI 2000-02 and KOMPO MINI 1500-01, in which the hopper and the displacer housing have jackets to maintain the temperature of the cheese mass using running hot water.



Temperature range of processed masses varies from +3°С to +60°С. Limitation of +60°С is not related to operation of the device and can withstand +90°С, but is recommended by European safety standards to prevent personnel burns, for example, during production of processed cheese. 


To obtain sticks with high dose accuracy, the vacuum filler is used in combination with precise dosing machine UTD-01 and automatic clipper KN-32.



The filler is served by one operator. When using the vacuum filler KOMPO with semi-automatic or automatic clipper KOMPO, one operator operates both devices staying near the clipper.



Model KOMPO-OPTI 2000-02 KOMPO-MINI 1500-01
Agitator in hopper  -  -
Column loader FCD  option  option
Linking device  -  -
Inline grinding device VNB  -  -
Minced meat temperature mode, °C  +3…+60  +3…+60
Heating of the hopper and displacer housing  + +
Output, kg/h  6200 - 10000 4000 - 5500 
Power supply, V  400  400
Single dose adjustment range, g  10 - 9999  10 - 9999
Hopper capacity, l  250  100
Distance from the floor to the horn axle, mm  1020 ± 20  1020 ± 20
Output power, kW  9  7,15
Overall dimensions, mm:





Net weight, kg 605  520





  • higher durability of work elements due to the original design of the displacer screws;
  • efficient operation with liquid minced meat due to the use the "Vacuum+" mode;

  • possibility of unitization with manual and semi-automatic clippers of any manufacturer;
  • heating of the hopper and stainless-steel displacer housing;

  • stuffing the casings with paste-like product (processed cheese, butter, cottage cheese, curd, ice-cream and other paste-like raw materials);

  • high degree of vacuumization eliminating any porosity in the product;

  • universality, simple maintenance, reliability and low operating costs.


For the video of the production of processed cheese, we thank our distributor "KOMPO NORTH AMERICA INC.": 



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