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30 may 2023
KOMPO LIVE shows equipment operation in meat and dairy processing plants   KN-501 can also be docked with KOMPO MAXI, Handtmann,...
23 may 2023
KOMPO team visits InterFood Azerbaijan 2023, held from 17 to 19 May in Baku Expo Center. InterFood Azerbaijan is one of the most...


Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about accounting services of our company. If you have any questions, please call us at +375 29 202-09-02 or email us at info@kompo.com.

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Equipment Offerings

What type of equipment does KOMPO offer for the food industry?

KOMPO offers complete solutions for sausage production, processed cheese production, and bakery product production.

History and Reputation

How long has KOMPO been in the food equipment business?

KOMPO is a second-generation family business that has been in the food equipment business for several decades.

Why is KOMPO a trusted brand for food equipment?

KOMPO has received worldwide recognition and the trust of customers earned by decades of good faith cooperation.

Quality and Maintenance

Is KOMPO's equipment easy to maintain?

Yes, KOMPO's equipment is universal, easy to maintain, and reliable in operation.

Does KOMPO's equipment meet modern quality and safety requirements?

Yes, KOMPO's equipment meets the most modern quality and safety requirements, including ISO 9001-2015, CE marking, and the requirements of the EU Safety Directives.

Does KOMPO have a development team to help with customer requirements?

Yes, KOMPO has a powerful development team that provides an individual approach to customer requirements.

Distribution and Service Network

Does KOMPO have a distribution network?

Yes, KOMPO has an extensive distribution network covering most regions of the world.

oes KOMPO have authorized service centers?

Yes, KOMPO has authorized service centers integrated into all links of the distribution network, allowing for maintenance and repair in the shortest possible time.

Are KOMPO's equipment prices competitive?

Yes, KOMPO's equipment prices are competitive, resulting from the consistent financial and economic policy of the enterprise.

Certifications and Customer Approach

What certifications does KOMPO's equipment have?

KOMPO's equipment has certifications such as ISO 9001-2015, CE marking, and the requirements of the EU Safety Directives.

What is KOMPO's approach to customer requirements?

KOMPO takes an individual approach to customer requirements, providing solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Location and Contact Information

Where is KOMPO located?

KOMPO is located in the Republic of Belarus, at 224032 Brest, st. Y. Kupala, 106 А.

How can customers contact KOMPO?

Customers can contact KOMPO through email at info@kompo.com or by phone or fax at +375 29 202-09-02 via Viber and WhatsApp.

Technical Support and Customization Options

Does KOMPO offer installation services for their equipment?

Yes, KOMPO offers installation services for their equipment.

What type of technical support does KOMPO offer?

KOMPO offers technical support for their equipment, including maintenance, repair, and training.

Does KOMPO offer training for their equipment?

Yes, KOMPO offers training for their equipment.

How quickly can KOMPO's authorized service centers carry out maintenance and repair?

KOMPO's authorized service centers can carry out maintenance and repair in the shortest possible time.

Does KOMPO offer customized solutions for specific customer needs?

Yes, KOMPO offers customized solutions for specific customer needs.

Does KOMPO offer financing options for their equipment?

Yes, KOMPO offers financing options for their equipment.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

What is KOMPO's commitment to quality and safety?

KOMPO is committed to meeting the most modern quality and safety requirements for their equipment, ensuring that their customers have reliable and safe equipment to use in their food production processes.
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